The Apple Pan
Los Angeles, CA

May 13, 2014

Lily Strauss
Ursula Strauss
Susan Scofield
Jean Scofield Maxwell
Heidi Santschi
Kayleigh Hillert
Donald Strauss
Alana DaFonseca
Bill Worden

Evan was my brother. Not by blood, potentially one day by law, but always by love. Evan loved The Apple Pan, a local LA burger joint my family has patronized since my parents were kids.  Evan fell right in with our pack and made it a tradition to visit The Pan at least a once or twice every time he and Urs were in town.  Evan was a lover of many things, and oh did he love a good burger. While he loved a good burger, he loved nothing more than my sister Ursula, his family, and living a life full of adventure and the pursuit of knowledge.  It was always an honor to share in his lust for life and in the happiness a simple, delicious, timeless hamburger brought to him. 

On May 13th 2014, ten months after Evan died, we celebrated his life by mobbing the Apple Pan with family and friends. We passed out 27 (since he would have turned 27) 10 dollar bills attached to a picture of Evan and a brief description of our celebration of his life to folks who ordered burgers. Burgers on Evan.  I doubt if The Pan has ever seen more tears and smiles all to celebrate one man and his love for a steak burger. If there was anything Evan wanted after he died, it was for all of his loved ones to carry on and not wallow in the sadness of his loss.  We were instructed to "get proud" and honor the beautiful soul we all loved so much.  On May 13th, 2014 we did just that.

After we all finished our burger cheers, french fries and pie, we snuck out to do a small scatter under the old rose bushes on the side of the restaurant. Although the scatter portion was covert, (which I know would please Evan to no end) it was beautiful to be a part of sharing a small story of Evan's journey with a group of random strangers. 

I wasn't able to make it in 2015, but many of his dearest and nearest celebrated again at The Pan. In addition, family and friends across the country celebrated Evan's birthday with burgers, simple or complex, homemade or ordered out. I shared Evan's memory with my farm crew by making them all knock-off Pan burgers.  Burgers on Evan’s birthday is now a tradition.   

I think of Evan often and see his big beautiful smile and wide shining eyes.  It's hard to not miss him deeply and think of all the adventures and schemes I know we all would have shared. But I carry so much gratitude for all the time I spent with him. 

When I think of you now Ev, I see you swimming off shore amidst the wild sea, taking on each crashing wave with bravery and jubilation, then relaxing in the calm between sets. I see you in the middle of an enlivened game of Settlers of Catan surrounded by your fiercest crew. I see you at the counter of The Apple Pan, destroying a steak burger or two. I see you at Wolfwood.  I think of your fierce loyalty, beautiful mind, and undying love, and I think about what a blessing it was to know you.  

  - Lily Strauss



On May 13th, eat a burger in memory of Evan. Veggie burgers are accepted.

- Susan Scofield